Rorey Moon's Crystal Directory

RoreyMoon is open to collaborating with other Spiritual Healers online

Crystals and Mystical Tools


Shop & Learn on Instagram

I go live on Instagram every Monday at 6:30pm to showcase the newest crystal in the shop before they go on the website. 


Single Crystal Recommendation

Through a brief conversation I will be able to focus in on single crystals that would address your concerns. This can be paired with the Custom Crystal Package.


Custom Crystal Packages

Having some stones to carry with you, or put under your pillow is also very special. A selections of stones will be collected to match your needs.


Custom Mala Pieces

Although I have many pieces ready to go, I can customize a piece to match your needs. Bracelets and meditation necklaces. 



Conversational Healing Session

Have a one on one experience with Rorey Moon to be able to dive into where you're at in your own spiritual journey and steps you can take to continue progressing. 


Courses and Workshops

The Rorey Moon Academy facilitates courses on crystals, moon work, intuition building and spiritual development. 

All Mala pieces, Crystal Packages and Single Crystals sold are energetically cleared