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3 Simple Full Moon Rituals


To prepare you for the next full moon, I wanted to share with you some simple things I like to do. While everyone has their own practices, I hope you give these a chance.

  1. Charge my crystals - Charging my crystals during a full moon is an absolute MUST for me! Not only does it allow my crystals to charge but the moon has cleansing energies as well!

  2. Set intentions - The full moon is a great time to set intentions. The full moon is a great time to rid ourselves of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that no longer serve us.

  3. RELEASE! - Release everything that no longer serves you and your purpose!

The best part about these rituals? All you need is a window ledge and a notebook. What more could you ask for? These rituals are a staple in my life and releasing what no longer serves me makes me lighter!

What are some of your full moon rituals? Want to learn more about intention setting? Check out my Instagram @RoreyMoon!


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