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RoreyMoon –

Toronto Metaphysical Explorer

Rorey Moon started as a crystal enthusiast as a small child. With distinct memories of digging sparkly things out of the ground. This unprecedented fascination turned into a means of personal healing. Rorey was able to harness her intuitive nature towards crystals and her love of learning to create mala bracelets. As things progressed her collection spread to bracelets, meditation malas (necklaces) and even a travel safe car mala.

All the while, her spirituality was opening and other tools like Tarot, oracles and reiki crossed her path. She continues to cleanse her space and pieces with reiki energy, but does not practice on others. Tarot on the other hand, was an instant match! 

Everyone's journey is different, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My Areas of Specialization

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Meditation Exploration and Tips for beginners

Crystal Healing and Guidance

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Upcoming Workshops

Passing on knowledge is something that has stayed with me through all walks of life. I never truly feel like I can move on to learning something new until I have taught my current 'skill' to someone. These workshops have been created with your journey in mind. An open and safe space as always. Hope you can join in. 

Crystals & Chakras

Coming Again Soon

Are you just starting out your spiritual journey? Are you interested and attracted to crystals but aren’t really sure what to do with them? Are you curious about Chakras and how they effect your day to day life? Then this is the workshop for you!

This is a virtual workshop.

Crystals 101

Coming Again Soon

This 1(.5) hour online workshop will be a beginners guide to crystal work in your personal life. This is not a course on healing others with crystals, but how you can use them easily, right now, in your everyday life. We'll cover types, cleansing and working with your crystals

This is a virtual workshop.

The Blog Circle

I am happy to do consultations over the phone, zoom, or direct messaging.

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