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Do you Believe in ET Worlds?

LET THIS BE YOUR WARNING: This crystal is NOT for everyone

If you are a regular on TikTok, I'm sure you've heard about this crystal numerous times! The power that this crystal holds is out of this world..literally. This crystal has been said to rock people's worlds - and some people found it WAY too powerful. It's important to know which crystals you're working with and how powerful they can be! It's powers are not meant to be used in an ill mannered way.

If you are a highly sensitive person, be very careful with this stone as it can be overwhelming

Moldavite comes from a meteor and carries the energies of the extraterrestrial world. It connects you to Ascended Masters and delivers information from the Akashic records.

If you are going to work with Moldavite, know your limits. Use it sparingly if you know you’re sensitive.

When you do feel called to Moldavite, use it to help heal deep-seeded emotional baggage and transcend time!

Do you believe ET worlds exist?

Want to learn more about the power of crystals? Check out my Instagram @RoreyMoon for more information!

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