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Protecting yourself in Overwhelming Situations


It's time you learn how to protect your personal energy.

What does that mean? Better yet what does that look like?

Pandemic aside, getting together with a group of people is stressful for me. All these opinions, emotions, energies, it’s hard to navigate and I know I'm not alone in saying this! You can be a people person and still feel the need to protect your personal energy!

These are THREE methods that have really helped me keep my head above water through these situations.

  1. Keep your energy protected from unwanted negative energy with a black stone like Black Obsidian or Onyx. Use these stones to help ground yourself.

  2. Practice feeling safe in your own atmosphere. Create and envision a white ball of light that encircles you, practice this when you're in a safe place to put it into practice when you're out.

  3. Identify which emotions aren't yours to avoid taking on feelings that others place on you.

How do you protect yourself in overwhelming situations?

Want to learn more about personal energy? Follow me on Instagram @RoreyMoon for more information!

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