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3 Things Wrong in your Practice

I know you’re probably thinking I’m going back on my word. Because would always say ‘there is no wrong way to practice’.... BUT I’VE CHANGED MY MIND.

I have changed my mind but not for the reasons you think. Everyone's practice looks and means something different to them but there are some important things to remember as you practice!

If you’re comparing your practice to someone else’s, you’re doing it wrong. If you are constantly comparing your practice to someone else's then we need to work on you. Your practice is between you and yourself. What is important is your healing, your mind and your body. Prioritizing this first will lead you in the right direction.

If you’re only reading about crystals, angels, the moon etc and not DOING the practices, then you’re doing it wrong. While research is key, what is research without practicing what you have learned? Nothing. You need to participate in all forms: mentally, spiritually and physically. The more you commit to your practice the more you will see yourself heal and transform.

If you’re still getting hung up about meditation and it being hard and ‘not for you’ then you’re doing it wrong. No one mediates the same and no ones journey to meditation is easy. You are doing your best and as long as you continue you are doing it right!

Move your attention to this:

Your practice is your practice and it doesn’t need to look a certain way.

Reading and learning is fantastic, but your practice will never evolve if you don’t actually DO anything. Take that messy action and go with the flow.

Meditation is a practice. It’s not meant to be easy or perfect. Start with ten deep breaths and go from there.

This journey should be about healing yourself and your stress not causing it.

You are on your own path, make it your own and give it your all.

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