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Do Something About it

YOU CAN’T JUST WANT TO ATTRACT THINGS INTO YOUR LIFE, you need to do something about it.

If you just say ‘i wish I had more money’ or ‘one day I want to be financially independent’ all you’re doing is making a wish. What you need is the steps you're planning to contribute to turn this wish into a goal. There is a big difference between a wish and setting an intention.

Which one are you doing?

Using crystals is a way to to tell the universe you’re setting this intention and YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE!

Pyrite is an amazing crystal that encourages you to follow your dreams AND carries manifestation energies!

Not only will you see more progression with setting an intention but you will feel it in your bones. The universe will only grant you what you are ready to receive not just because you want it!

I talk all about setting intentions along with intention setting rituals on the RoreyMoon Instagram account - follow me there!

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