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Don't be Afraid to Explore

Don’t be afraid to explore new things

If we only stayed open to learning for a moment and then closed off from other information or other people’s opinions for the rest of our journey, we’re going to end up in a really dark place.

I will constantly be learning and exploring not because I don’t think I know enough (trust me, my brain is pretty full!) but because it starts to turn into growth.

Talking with new people about crystals and their practice freshens my perspective. It keeps me from becoming stagnant in my own practice and thought.

Learning about someone doing something different than what you do DOESN’T mean you’ve been doing it wrong.

Let’s relate this to birthday cake.

You like vanilla cake and order it for your birthday every year

I come along and say “on my birthday I order chocolate cake because it makes me happy."

This doesn’t mean that vanilla cake doesn’t make you happy.

Maybe you never thought about trying chocolate cake on your birthday and might give it a try next year.

Maybe you’ve tried chocolate cake and it doesn’t make you happy.

Maybe you never knew chocolate cake could make people happy even if it’s not for you...

You can take the new knowledge and try it, or continue on with whatever you’ve been doing if it’s working for you.

I really want some cake now..

P.S - this glorious stone is a new stone (for me) called Vanadinite. Supports stable lower chakras and grows in these really cool cubes!

Learn something new about crystals through the RoreyMoon Instagram!

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