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New Moon Rituals

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We all have rituals we swear by when it comes to the new moon.

After all, a new moon symbolizes new beginnings and a time to reflect on past intentions and create new ones. The new moon phase takes place every 28-30 days and is the perfect time to deeply renew our goals and intentions.

These times of reflection help us to correct ourselves to help better us in the future.

During the new moon phase I find myself flexing my hermit vibes, journaling and taking long hot baths. If you haven't used the new moon as a time to reflect here are some rituals I recommend starting with:

Start something new. Whether it's a new hobby, applying for that job you've been eyeing or even taking a chance with a date, go for it! Take this time to start anything that you feel passionate about.

Charge your crystals. Each moon phase's energy can be used to charge your crystals. Charging your crystals allows for them to work with higher vibrancy and intensifies the intentions that you put into your crystals.

Set your intentions. During the new moon, write your intentions for this phase down on paper. Writing them down helps us to not only remember our intentions but act on them as well.

Take a new moon bath. Water rituals are a great way to harness the new moon energy. Take the tie to make the bath a place of energetic healing. Light candles, set your favourite music and scents. Use this time to cleanse yourself, reflect and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Organize and clean. The new moon energy is a great way to release and cleanse yourself of anything that no longer serves you. This time is great for decluttering your physcial space to make room for better things!

Taking this time to consciously cleanse yourself in all aspects (mind, body and soul) allows for you to make room for what is meant for you during this new phase. The Universe gives us this time to reflect so that we can make adjustments and create new goals using what we learned. While we can use the information we have gained, it is important to leave what's in the past where it belongs.

Your intentions are set, you are ready, now begin.

Want to learn more about crystals for intentions? Check me out on Instagram here!

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