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Prepping your Alter for a Supermoon

HOW TO PREP YOUR ALTAR FOR A SUPER MOON - it's more than just ‘cleansing’.

Preparing your altar is more than just ‘cleansing’. When I am prepping my altar I do a PHYSICAL clean, a spiritual cleanse and today I did a little card pull to energetically prepare.


1. I cleared (almost) everything off my space, dusted EVERYTHING.

2. Cleansed the surface with palo santos smoke (you can use any herb bundle or sound or method of cleansing that resonates with you)

3. Added items back onto my altar that had special meanings and connected the altar to the 4 elements.

4. Pulled three oracle cards, reflected on their meaning and left them there until I’m ready to do my ritual.

If you’d like more info about what your alter should have, follow me on Instagram @RoreyMoon for more tips and information

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