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The Truth about your Spiritual Journey

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Let's just put the fact straight out there. This journey is not all sunshine and rainbows.

There is this this preconceived notion of what progress looks like for everyone. As if there is a beginning, middle and end. But like any form of self-work - there is no finish line! There's always work to be done.

I have been holding a lot of judgement towards myself about productivity and progress. Because I am someone who is quick to jump into action I expect everything around me to be the same.

These past few weeks I’ve been setting expectations for myself that truthfully didn’t feel unreasonable, but each week passed and the items stayed on my list, incomplete. This weighed on me and made me feel like I had done nothing.

There are two pieces to this puzzle that I see right now. The first is my spiritual journey, personal and as a teacher. Then there is my journey as a business owner working out of her 700 sqft condo in Toronto.

The physical barriers of having big dreams that take up space and just feeling like the room is filling up beyond control. Like have too many balloons in the car with you. Seems like a good idea at first, but then they consume you.

So yes, I set myself up to accomplish a lot this weekend and no I didn’t cross nearly everything off my list. While that stressed me out and brought on a failure complex...guess what...

I have allowed myself to really focus on the fact that this journey is not meant to be completed. While I may still feel like there is a never ending to-do list, I surrounded myself with like-minded people who are positive for my mental health and spiritual growth. Taking time for myself has been a lifesaver during these times.

The rest of the list will have to wait. I have time. 🙏🏻

How are you taking time for yourself today? Need some calming crystals? Check them out RoreyMoon here!

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