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Touched by an Angel

Have you ever felt called to connect with angels? A very persistent feeling that someone or something is looking out got you in your time of need. Someone or something giving you a senes of tranquility while you make your way through life's journey.

Have you ever felt as if you needed some support with your communication? Like you needed a helping hand from above?

Have you ever wanted to help create a sense of calm while you sleep?


These soft blue crystals support your throat chakra and your communication with spirit, angels, guardian angels and archangels.

Both Celeste and Blue Calcite are great channellers of energy and at opening chakras. The crystals not only help us open our chakras but give us the sense of tranquility that we are looking for.

Opening that line of communication to our angels or passed loved ones gives us the sense of calm we are looking for.

If you've ever lost someone and are looking at methods of communicating with them check out these two crystals.

Want to learn more about crystals that enhance your life? Check out the RoreyMoon Instagram page.

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