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Crystals for Career Growth

Do you believe there are crystals that can help get you our of your ruts and onto your path of purpose.

Crystals are meant to be used together once you have an idea of what they can do on their own. They not only compliment each other but use each other to charge and release more energy.

So for something like career growth, using the right blend of crystals will help you to not only succeed but find your passion in the midst.

This blend is all about getting out of your own way and feeling the confidence to make the leap into a new job or support you through expanding in your current career.

Kyanite - to break through blockages

Labradorite - The stone of transformation

Carnelian - To realize your passion

Black Onyx - Support stability

Communication, security, passion and transformation!

Try this blend out if you're in need of career growth. Want to learn more about crystals that work well together? Check out the RoreyMoon Instagram!

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