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Crystals for your Third Eye Chakra

It's time to burst your third eye chakra open with these crystals!

The 3rd eye Chakra is located between the eye brows. It is the energy centre most associated with intuition. It also is the chakra people tend to focus on first when trying to tap into their intuition of level up spiritually.

Stress, emotional imbalance, illnesses or conflict all can cause blockages or imbalance in your chakra system can cause your third eye chakra to be blocked. Since the chakras are all interconnected, this imbalance in your third eye chakra can cause blockages in the others as well. You may feel stressed or out of balance when your third eye chakra is blocked.

While all that is important to remember , don’t forget about your lower chakras mainly the ROOT chakra which keeps you grounded and feeling secure.

That’s why I made sure to include a black stone (black obsidian) to support this chakra in this cocktail.

What crystal makes your intuition feel strong? Want to learn more about what crystals you can use to support your chakras? Check out the RoreyMoon Instagram page!

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