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The Most Over-Looked Crystal

There is always one crystal that is overlooked in the bunch and I can't blame anyone because I too overlooked it! I spent years passing up on the crystal for its purple cousin amethyst. It took me way too long to truly appreciate this crystal for it's worth.

Like me you probably overlooked the clear quartz bracelets and tumbled because they just looked like glass and I can't tell you how much I wish someone had made me see the true power of clear quartz.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer! It can be used to support concerns at any level emotional, spiritual and physical. Not only is clear quartz powerful on it's own but it has the properties to amplify the energies of your other crystals.

This crystal is one of the most versatile crystals out there. While it's said to enhance your psychic abilities, it supports you in concentration by helps to unlock memories.

Some KEY benefits of clear quartz are:

  • Master Healer

  • Charge and Cleanse

  • Enhance Psychic Abilities

  • Restores Balance

  • Amplifies Energy

The clear crystal can be best used to open the crown chakra. For best use around your house you can place it point up on a table to help balance out your space.

If you have overlooked clear quartz in the passed, I HIGHLY suggest you retrieve one for yourself. The balance that this crystal will bring you is like no other. Restoring balance in body while healing brings this crystal to the top of my list.

What is your go to crystal?

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